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The Saturday Arts Club [29 Jun 2011|09:28pm]


I thought you might be interested in The Saturday Arts Club podcast:

The Saturday Arts Club

It's a light-hearted, intellectual look at theatre, performance and visual arts. There's also a quiz in each episode.

Anyway, aside from providing something for you to listen to, we really want people to get involved, whether it's their opinions or their work. If you have something that you'd like us to feature, get in touch through the website.

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Oops, my bad :( [03 Apr 2011|11:57pm]


Sorry about accidentally posting my poem to the communities that have nothing to do with poetry, or the form I was using.

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3 of 30 [03 Apr 2011|11:54pm]


Sew it up - you're dragging your dress again.
Cinch it up - it's falling apart in the wrong places.
Draw it up - make your intentions plain.
Dry it up - martyrs have no production values.
Tear it up- they could never hold you to it.
Soak it up - you're a paper tiger now.
Live it up - somebody will buy it.
Shake it up - it's anybody's paradigm for the next 15 minutes.
Talk it up - TelePrompTers are cheap.
Lift it up - it's walking too fast for you to stand.
Even it up - it's too precious for them to keep.

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CHÉ CONFESSES [01 Feb 2011|10:00pm]



If they had only spoken of you in holier tones, but there was no sanctity in their inflections,
no blank stares, no empty eyes.

I never thought I'd pull the trigger
on an old man, but when his knees would not bend, I had to bend them for him. Old men are stubborn,

but the flesh complies, the blood obeys.
The young, they are easier to deal with; take a child, make him close his eyes, fill his hands with sweets,

and tell him who gave so generously.
Pups are so eager to please their masters.
It was a hectic year, everyone was issued a torn

parachute, on purpose, and there was no time to
think, only time to jump out of the plummeting wreck
that Bautista had made of our ship of state.

You don't know how it disgusted me to see these bourgeois clutching at their now worthless notes and crosses, like a Negro clutching for a needle and opiates,

which is why I made sure to bind and gag them before I put bullets in their brains! It was quite a productive day at the prison!

If they had only spoken with the gratitude of a starving child, I would have retaught them everything, these bitter clingers, these banana farmers,

these tobacco farmers, thinking they could own
things, when they could only be owned, these rope makers, killing themselves with the butt of my gun!

Copyright 2011 Bruce V. Bracken

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DIRTY MIRROR (BAD ATTENTION) [04 Jan 2011|10:43pm]


They run the strings thru the scalp.
That's how they build the new you.
See in the dirty mirror?
How youthful your crimson yarns.

That's how they build the new you,
for reality TV.
How youthful your crimson yarns,
queen of the cutting-room floor.

For reality TV,
how would you like your lips sewn,
Queen of the cutting-room floor?
We use the yellowest wire.

How would you like your lips sewn,
surgical action figure?
We use the yellowest wire,
perfect for bad attention.

Surgical action figure,
now with candy-pump action,
perfect for bad attention,
from stain-hungry side airbags.

Now with candy-pump action,
and the smear where your face was.
From stain-hungry side airbags,
we perp-walk treadmill lemmings.

On the smear where your face was,
everyone's a firebug.
We perp-walk treadmill lemmings;
autograph our eyes with shame.

Everyone's a firebug.
You know, it's fun when ants melt
under magnifying glass.
The bigger, the more you burn.

You know, it's fun when ants melt,
like Hollywood plastic drips.
The bigger, the more you burn,
like science fiction movies.

Like Hollywood plastic drips,
the flash is only lukewarm.
Like science fiction movies,
but with a low boiling point.

Copyright 2011 Bruce V. Bracken

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Nightmare Room, Part II [18 May 2010|11:12pm]

[ mood | Creative ]

In the nightmare room,
the tongues of the living
are redistributed throughout
the cemeteries of Chicago.

In the nightmare room,
a pedophile prophet gets
the keys to the city
and a temple of hatred.

In the nightmare room,
the school safety czar
measures a sixth-grade ass
knuckle by knuckle.

In the nightmare room,
the attorney general
calls the truth cowardice
and he calls ignorance strength.

In the nightmare room,
green power lets turtles
drown in slick oily platitudes
so as to not be too pure.

In the nightmare room,
blue power points fingers
between stand-up routines
anywhere but at himself.

In the nightmare room,
SWAT teams make on the
spot psych evaluations
on the newly jobless.

In the nightmare room,
I'm trying to wake up
underwater, while doctors
ask me to sign with my eyes closed.

In the nightmare room,
the community organizer
slips a rubberstamped vote
in with the no code papers.

In the nightmare room,
I run from blue corpses,
in their red and purple
pointy hats. Please let me wake up.

In the nightmare room,
I'm a blue cadaver, looking at
my blue heart, dripping strange juice
to feed a rotting fruit tree.

Please, let me wake from this
nightmare room; let me feel
my fresh red heartbeat.
Let me hear my red tongue sing freedom.

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Constellations [17 Apr 2010|11:13pm]


We were dancing hot and strobe-dyed,
dressed in dying stars, gone nova
to plastic beats. We killed the floor.
We were the brightest before dawn,

then we faded in the dawn sky.

Dressed in dying stars, gone nova,
Our hearts were naked and shining.
We were the brightest before dawn
exposed us in a matte finish,

as we faded in the dawn sky.

Our hearts were naked and shining
as we mourned the death of the night.
Exposed, us, in a matte finish,
we kissed our painted faces clean,

then we faded in the dawn sky.

As we mourned the death of the night,
we burned our paled constellations.
We kissed our painted faces clean,
sex and thanksgiving to the moon,

as it faded in the dawn sky.

Bruce V. Bracken

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Is Slam now a Jam (TM)? [22 May 2009|03:06pm]

I know I'm a week late in asking this, but what did you guys think of the White House Poetry Jam?

Also, does anyone have thoughts about the HBO series Russell Simmons Presents Brave New Voices?
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Slam's Influence [13 Nov 2008|09:21am]

[ mood | bored ]

 Doing a project for my Communication Arts class on Slam Poetry. 
So I came to decide to ask- what exactly do you think are the major influences slam has provided.
Not the influences of slam itself (that's rather obvious, eh?), but other art forms or cultural/social pieces. 

Personally I have a feeling that it's bringing people into poetry. With the action and life added to such, many of the younger crowd are becoming more interested, leading to a growth in respect for poetry and recognition.

Any thoughts on the subject?

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Updated Anthology.org [02 Nov 2008|03:06pm]

Hi all-

Anthology's new website upgrade is now active, http://www.anthology.org, and the forums are waiting for your registration. I just posted a message about Tucson's upcoming Win and Urin slam on Nov 22nd, and tonite I'll be posting a call for features for the new Anthology Slam/Open Mic/Themes shows starting in January.

So, you may want to get registered today so you can keep up with the discussion fast and furious.

REMINDER: RATTLE tribute to slam call for submissions [30 Jan 2007|01:23am]


Just a reminder that submissions for RATTLE's tribute to slam issue are due February 1 (and that can be a postmark deadline if you send first class).  SUBMIT!  

The guidelines: http://www.rattle.com/slam.php

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RATTLE call for submissions--slam tribute [05 Jan 2007|12:54pm]

This isn't exactly slam theory per se, but it is probably of interest to most in this community.

As announced at the 2006 slam family meeting, please don't forget that submissions for RATTLE's special tribute section to the poetry slam (celebrating slam's 21st birthday) are due FEBRUARY 1. The issue will feature an accompanying audio CD, choice interviews with some of your favorite slammers, and an essay from yours truly! 


The poetry journal RATTLE is honoring the 21st birthday of Slam with a special issue to be released June 2007, featuring interviews, essays, and an audio CD of the poetry section performed. 

Send a recording of up to 5 poems, including a cover letter, the text of the pieces, and a SASE for return of the materials. We would prefer the recordings to be windows-compatible audio files on a CD, but we will also listen to cassette tapes. If no audio is available, feel free to send the text alone, assuming we will be able to arrange audio later. Preference may be given to submissions with higher-quality audio.

No poems previously published, or scheduled for publication, in national liteary journals (i.e. those with ISSN or ISBNs). Works already appearing in books, chapbooks, or CDs are fine, as long as you hold their rights.

Those published will need to sign a contract granting RATTLE duplication rights on the audio. All other rights revert to the authors upon publication. Payment is two copies of the issue.

Send submissions to:

12411 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604

Deadline for Submissions: February 1st, 2007

*   *   *

Anybody know how I might get this info posted to the poetry slam website?
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[29 Sep 2006|05:14pm]

I just posted this on Stefan's blog.

Hey, we should have a slam theory discussion panel/meeting at the next NPS.

But I would love to have a meeting where we can discuss Cultural Studies, post modernism, GLBT-Gender Theory, etc... as it applies to Slam.

We should totally do this at 2007.
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Redeeming the Spectacle [10 Oct 2005|10:20pm]

A few of you have asked about my recent essay in The 2004 National Poetry Slam Anthology. It's rather lengthy (2900 words), but since not everyone has access to the text, I'll paste a copy of it behind the cut.

Your thoughts are appreciated.


Redeeming the Spectacle: Poetry Slams and the Informed Judges ProposalCollapse )
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musings [29 Sep 2005|12:39pm]

To what extent would you say that slammers are anti-literary? I get the sense that everyone on this list is well read, and takes pride in their literary interests. Would you say that most slammers don'r read enough?

Also, I am interested in the dynamic of comedy and tragedy in slam pieces as concerning the theory that serious theme poems trump comic pieces if all things are equal. Comic poems occasionally beat out love poems, especially if there is a glut. But usually, funny is seen as fluff. Por Que?
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The old textual chestnut, stated in a more interesting way [09 Sep 2005|04:20pm]

I'm trying to think about this issue more deeply: What is slam poetry's relationship to print?

On one hand, it seems that slam poetry is meant to best be appreciated in live performance, or at the very least, in some sort of performative medium like film, television, or audio recordings. On the other, most of us slam poets peddle chapbooks or books, and the publishing market has seen a good number of slam/spoken word print anthologies come into recent existence (such as Aloud, Spoken Word Revolution, Poetry Slam, Bum Rush the Stage, etc.)

My question is: What is the purpose of slam poems on the page? Are they a documentation of the live performance? Are they performative scripts like plays? Are they meant to be considered merely textually at that point, or should we take into consideration a performative voice beyond the printed page when encountering and evaluating slam poetry in a textual format?
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question [08 Aug 2005|03:56pm]

can everyone agree that things like cliche and cheap rhyme, obvious imagery and hackneyed tropes, and most importantly the abuse of sentiment to conceal clumsy writing, makes for bad poetry?
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This ain't really slam theory but.... [02 Aug 2005|05:21pm]

I am going to the National Poetry Slam next week and although i have been before, this will be the first time i am not competing. So, for the first time, i do not have to show up for team practices or strategy sessions or even be sober during bouts. Any suggestions on how to make the most of this trip?
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